Adult Entertainment in Warsaw:

Leave your car for just 10 minutes in Warsaw city centre and when you return, it will probably have a flyer promoting some sort of adult entertainment placed neatly under the windscreen wipers!

Once upon a time, Warsaw was rumoured to have over 1,500 brothels but nowadays only a few brothels are to be found. Instead, you will find a collection of fairly presentable, 'Gentlemen's Clubs, Lap Dancing Clubs (known as Go-Go clubs in Poland) and Strip Clubs. There isn't a red-light district in Warsaw as such but brothels can be found around al. Jerozolimskie, ul. Wilcza and ul. Nowogrodzka.

If you are looking for adult entertainment in Warsaw, then you have a number of options including:

1. There are plenty of escorts servicing Warsaw including independent escorts who work for themselves. Escorts can easily be found via the flyers left on car windscreens or clogging up the gutters or via the Internet. Average prices for 1 hour are 200 PLN (around £40). The word of caution here is not to be too disapointed that the lady who turns up only slightly resembles the lady in her picture!

2. Put your faith in a local taxi driver but do understand that you will be taken to the brother offering the highest kickback to the cabbie and these tend to be located in the suburbs (so a long drive there and back is likely!). Some of these brothels will be high-end and can be expensive so understand exactly what you are paying for and how much you will be paying to avoid any regrets later. The ladies who work in these establishments are very professional in the art of extracting money from your wallet and will encourage you to buy them champagne or take part in extras so unless you can afford it, be careful what you agree to.

3. Some of the girls working in Go-Go clubs (lap dancing clubs) also moonlight as escorts in their own time; which means after the club they work in is closed. Be careful here! The girls who work in lap dancing clubs are usually paid a commission on the drinks that you purchase for them and the dances you pay for, so they want to keep you in the club as long as possible especially if you are buying them drinks. What better way to do this than promise you a good time at the end of the night? So don't be disapointed when the dancer you have been chatting up all night suddenly does a disapearing act!

4. In every brothel and Go-Go club, there are very large and very hard bouncers who are there to protect the ladies and ensure that you pay the bill at the end of the night. Getting blind drunk, causing trouble, upsetting the ladies or not having the money to pay the bill is really not advised.

Adult Entertainment in Warsaw can be safe, not expensive and fun if you keep your wits about you and think about what you are doing. General advice we offer here includes:

1. STD's are out there so always be careful and do not take part in unprotected sex.

2. Poland does not have a good record in relation to human trafficking so some of the girls working in brothels are not there because they want to be.

3. Some adult clubs have a reputation for ripping off tourists especially with the prices of drinks. Make sure that you ask for and study the drinks menu before you order a drink. As mentioned previously, be careful if you purchase drinks for the ladies as they can be extremely expensive. If you go out in a group, one person should stay sober and look after the cash!

4. Don't use the credit card! Not a good idea as your purchase will show up on your statement and this may cause you some problems later plus we have heard stories about some clubs adding a generous tip to the bill at the end of the night. Cash is best!

5. It is always a good idea to try and meet the locals before you arrive so why not check out some of the many adult dating sites available on the Internet, here's our favourite one!

6. Watch out for the extras! They soon mount up and your 150 PLN lady can soon become your 1,000 PLN lady - so make sure you agree on prices at the start. Outcall girls will always expect you to pay for the price of their taxi (there and back) so make sure you know how much that will be as well.